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Welcome to the Laboratory

by admin last modified 23 Jun 2014 10h41

This is our web-based laboratory. Here you can submit samples, check on the status of your sample, review your account, order materials and many other useful things.


Waterfall & O’Brien supplies technical testing & analysis services to businesses, who require information on the composition of their materials to demonstrate control of their processes; this might be for the manufacture of a product, the disposal of waste material or environmental monitoring for the comfort of the occupants.

Technical testing & analysis includes the performance of physical, chemical and other analytical techniques for all types of materials and products. For Waterfall & O'Brien this means the testing of composition and purity of minerals and raw materials, the testing and measuring of environmental indicator parameters (air, soil and water, pollution etc.) and the certification of the products manufactured by Waterfall & O'Brien Ltd. A LIMS system, such as this, allows us to manage samples, test procedures, resources and results efficiently under a clients name and to compare those results to a product specification based on the sample type.

Many of our customers deliver their samples by hand or via the postal service and allow our analytical team to enter them into the LIMS system, under the clients name; the results are then emailed to them electronically after final approval. However, to get the best out of the information management system and to interact with the database it is better to create your own login credentials.

Laboratory Access

Before you can access the laboratory you will need a <login> pass. To obtain a login please contact and request a user login.

About Waterfall & O'Brien

If you would like to know more about WOB please follow the link below.

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